Scott Realty Professionals was established in April 2013 by Owner/Broker, Sabriya Scott. The firm started with only one agent, and now we have grown to two associate brokers, thirty-six licensed sales agents, and four real estate assistants. Our family keeps on growing!


Sabriya Scott, Broker/Owner
P: 912-844-0682
E: sabriya@scottrealtyprofessionals.com

Stephanie Hamilton, Associate Broker
P: 912-844-5940
E: stephanieinrealestate@hotmail.com

Laticia Ladson, Associate Broker
P: 404-644-9040
E: laticialad@gmail.com

Aisha Peeples, Realtor
P: 912-441-6246
E: aishayourrealtor@gmail.com

Alisa Cooper, Realtor
P:  912-596-4943
E: morrisa71@gmail.com

Alisha Harris, Realtor
P: 912-532-6046
E: realtoralisha1@gmail.com

Alisha Moultrie, Realtor
P: 912-655-0898
E: alishasellsga@gmail.com

Akila Scott, Realtor
P: 770-789-2411
E: akilascott@hotmail.com

Andrea Pent, Realtor
P: 610-996-8691
E: andreapent@gmail.com

Angel Thomas, Realtor
P: 912-704-1053
E: angelrealtypro@yahoo.com

Angel Lyde, Realtor
P: 843-707-2701
E: angeldreamhomes@yahoo.com

Angela Evanofski, Realtor
P: 843-422-1427
E: angela.realtor16@gmail.com

Aurelia Moss, Realtor
P: 912-661-2069
E: amossrealtor1@gmail.com

Bryant Thomas, Realtor
P: 912-441-2991
E: yourdreamhome912@gmail.com

Carmen Washington, Realtor
P: 843-683-0856
E: carmensellshiltonhead@gmail.com

Chanda Medlock, Realtor
P: 404-964-7785
E: chandaismyrealtor@gmail.com

Cherri Jackson, Realtor
P: 843-298-2544
E: cherrisellsrealestate@gmail.com

Chris Frazier, Realtor
P: 912-677-7372
E: chrisfrazierrealtor@yahoo.com

Diann Scott, Realtor
P: 678-472-5330
E: realestatediann@gmail.com

Dominique Freeman, Realtor
P: 912-306-0661
E: realtordfreeman@gmail.com

Emily Powers, Realtor
P: 912-272-6868
E: emtherealtor@hotmail.com

Erica Groover, Realtor
P: 912-224-0055
E: erica81kelly@gmail.com

Gary Rahming, Realtor
P: 404-925-7917
E: garyrahming@yahoo.com

Gena Wright, Realtor
P: 912-665-4415
E: wrighthomeagent@gmail.com

Isaac Wright, Sales Agent
P: 912-665-4415
E: wrighthomeagent@gmail.com

Janice Reyes, Real Estate Virtual Professional
E: sabriyava@hotmail.com

Jo Scott, Realtor
P: 843-441-5566
E: homesbyjoscott@gmail.com

Karee Williams, Realtor
P: 770-771-2552
E: kareeservicerealtor1@gmail.com

Kimberly Bousquet, Realtor
P: 336-501-3744
E: kimberlyb.realestate@gmail.com

LaChandra Bodison, Realtor
P: 912-398-0909
E: lachandrabodison@yahoo.com

La Tashia Thomas, Realtor
P: 912-224-0270
E: latashia_s@hotmail.com

Leah Jones, Realtor
P: 912-257-9027
E: closewithleah@gmail.com

Lisa Harris, Realtor
P: 912-695-3222
E: lisa4buyersandsellers@gmail.com

Maria Goodwine, Realtor
P: 912-596-3562
E: mgoodwinesellshomes@yahoo.com

Moibi Adesanya, Real Estate Assistant
P: 973-687-2288
E: omonikere@gmail.com

Moná Smalls, Real Estate Assistant
E: mona.smalls@yahoo.com

Nicole Christie, Realtor
P: 912-659-9229
E: christie.nicole@outlook.com

Nix Ibaviosa, Real Estate Virtual Professionals
E: sabriyava-nix@hotmail.com

Patricia Hawkins, Realtor
P: 912-272-6787
E: hawkinsrealtor25@gmail.com

Raleigh Taylor, Realtor
P: 478-319-5322
E: traleigh2@yahoo.com

Reggie Gadson, Realtor
P: 912-604-6509
E: reggie.gadson@ymail.com

Renee Mitchell, Realtor
P: 912-660-5355
E: accesstorealestate@gmail.com

Robert Graham, Realtor
P: 912-398-2905
E: rkgrealtor@yahoo.com

Safi Jawara-Redwood, Realtor
P: 470-378-7891
E: safisells37@gmail.com

Sandra Feitosa, Realtor
P: 912-704-5446
E: spgfeitosa@yahoo.com

ShaKeeya Polite, Realtor
P: 843-263-9316
E: snpolite@yahoo.com

Soneisha Monay Ling, Realtor
P: 912-844-323-7287
E: monayrealty3@aol.com

Tamika Houston, Realtor
P: 912-373-5768
E: thouston80@hotmail.com

Tasha Hall, Realtor
P: 912-656-0266
E: tashahallhouses@yahoo.com

Tlicia Butler, Realtor
P: 678-822-6965
E: tliciatherealtor@gmail.com

Turnice Alexander, Realtor
P: 843-505-0338
E: tunrice.alexander30@gmail.com