Scott Realty Professionals was established in April 2013 by Owner/Broker, Sabriya Scott. The firm started with only one agent, and now we have grown to two associate brokers, over 50 licensed sales agents, and four real estate assistants. Our family keeps on growing!


Sabriya Scott, Broker/Owner
P: 912-844-0682
E: sabriya@scottrealtyprofessionals.com

Stephanie Hamilton, Associate Broker
P: 912-844-5940
E: stephanieinrealestate@hotmail.com

Laticia Ladson, Associate Broker
P: 404-644-9040
E: laticialad@gmail.com

Aisha Peeples, Realtor
P: 912-441-6246
E: aishayourrealtor@gmail.com

Alisa Cooper, Realtor
P:  912-596-4943
E: alisacooper.realtor@yahoo.com

Alisha Harris, Realtor
P: 912-532-6046
E: realtoralisha1@gmail.com

Alisha Moultrie, Realtor
P: 912-655-0898
E: alishasellsga@gmail.com

Akila Scott, Realtor
P: 770-789-2411
E: akilascott@hotmail.com

Andrea Pent, Realtor
P: 610-996-8691
E: andreapent@gmail.com

Angel Thomas, Realtor
P: 912-704-1053
E: angelrealtypro@yahoo.com

Angel Lyde, Realtor
P: 843-707-2701
E: angeldreamhomes@yahoo.com

Angela Evanofski, Realtor
P: 843-422-1427
E: angela.realtor16@gmail.com

Antoinetta Pinckney, Realtor
P: 843-288-1428
E: apinckney37@gmail.com

Avis Davis, Realtor
P: 912-418-9286
E: avistheagent@gmail.com

Beulah Spencer, Realtor
P: 912-414-0073
E: beulahsells@yahoo.com

Beautine Hilliard, Realtor
P: 912-507-0123
E: beautinefrancis@yahoo.com

Brittany Walker, Realtor
P: 912-401-4481
E: Bwalker9092@gmail.com

Bryant Thomas, Realtor
P: 912-441-2991
E: yourdreamhome912@gmail.com

Carmen Washington, Realtor
P: 843-683-0856
E: carmensellshiltonhead@gmail.com

Cedric Giles, Realtor
P: 678-358-8322
E: cedsellsatl@yahoo.com

Chanda Medlock, Realtor
P: 404-964-7785
E: chandaismyrealtor@gmail.com

Cherri Jackson, Realtor
P: 843-298-2544
E: cherrisellsrealestate@gmail.com

Chris Frazier, Realtor
P: 912-677-7372
E: chrisfrazierrealtor@yahoo.com

Diann Scott, Realtor
P: 678-472-5330
E: realestatediann@gmail.com

Dominique Freeman, Realtor
P: 912-306-0661
E: realtordfreeman@gmail.com

Emily Powers, Realtor
P: 912-272-6868
E: emtherealtor@hotmail.com

Erica Groover, Realtor
P: 912-224-0055
E: erica81kelly@gmail.com

Gena Wright, Realtor
P: 912-665-4415
E: wrighthomeagent@gmail.com

Isaac Wright, Sales Agent
P: 912-665-4415
E: wrighthomeagent@gmail.com

Janice Reyes, Real Estate Virtual Professional
E: sabriyava@hotmail.com

Jo Scott, Realtor
P: 843-441-5566
E: homesbyjoscott@gmail.com

Karee Williams, Realtor
P: 770-771-2552
E: kareeservicerealtor1@gmail.com

Kimberly Bousquet, Realtor
P: 336-501-3744
E: kimberlyb.realestate@gmail.com

Lachandra Bodison, Realtor
P: 912-398-0909
E: lachandrabodison@yahoo.com

La Tashia Thomas, Realtor
P: 912-224-0270
E: latashia_s@hotmail.com

Leah Jones, Realtor
P: 912-257-9027
E: closewithleah@gmail.com

Lisa Harris, Realtor
P: 912-695-3222
E: lisa4buyersandsellers@gmail.com

Maria Goodwine, Realtor
P: 912-596-3562
E: mgoodwinesellshomes@yahoo.com

Moibi Adesanya, Real Estate Assistant
P: 973-687-2288
E: omonikere@gmail.com

Moná Smalls, Real Estate Assistant
E: mona.smalls@yahoo.com

Nicole Christie, Realtor
P: 912-659-9229
E: christie.nicole@outlook.com

Nix Ibaviosa, Real Estate Virtual Professionals
E: sabriyava-nix@hotmail.com

Patricia Hawkins, Realtor
P: 912-272-6787
E: hawkinsrealtor25@gmail.com

Raleigh Taylor, Realtor
P: 478-319-5322
E: traleigh2@yahoo.com

Reggie Gadson, Realtor
P: 912-604-6509
E: reggie.gadson@ymail.com

Renee Mitchell, Realtor
P: 912-660-5355
E: accesstorealestate@gmail.com

Robert Graham, Realtor
P: 912-398-2905
E: rkgrealtor@yahoo.com

Safi Jawara-Redwood, Realtor
P: 470-378-7891
E: safisells37@gmail.com

Sandra Feitosa, Realtor
P: 912-704-5446
E: spgfeitosa@yahoo.com

Shakeeya Polite, Realtor
P: 843-263-9316
E: snp@politeproperties.org

Sidney Brady, Realtor
P: 912-600-4400
E: bradybunchjs@aol.com

Soneisha Monay Ling, Realtor
P: 912-844-323-7287
E: slingsellshomes@gmail.com

Tameitra Bryant, Realtor
P: 912-809-3377
E: tlbryant.realtor@gmail.com

Tamika Houston, Realtor
P: 912-373-5768
E: thouston80@hotmail.com

Tasha Hall, Realtor
P: 912-656-0266
E: tashahallhouses@yahoo.com

Tlicia Butler, Realtor
P: 678-822-6965
E: tliciatherealtor@gmail.com

Turnice Alexander, Realtor
P: 843-505-0338
E: tunrice.alexander30@gmail.com

Scott Realty Professionals

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